iPalm is one of the most cost-effective way of communicating the field Information to the Head Quarters. iPalm is an Unique, Robust and Comprehensive System which will enable instant Communication from Collection Centers to the Oil Production Companies.

iPalm Benefits

To Track & Monitor FFB Collection process

An RFID authorization based Transactions

Legitimacy in Transactions

Data can be Transferred to Server immediately

To send the Acknowledgements [SMS/Email] of the completed POS Transactions immediately

An Approval from the Company that they have received the quantity from the Farmer through Collection Centre Ex: Acknowledgements Slips

Field Data is Immediately available for Reports/MIS

Farmer’s Confidence & Belief in the Company

Increase Mill Production by Real time Monitoring

Quick Preparation of Fertilizer & Saplings Subsidy Claim Reports

Many Key Performance Indicators [KPI] like Yield Per Hectare [YPH], Previous Years Yield Comparison Reports

Quick generation of Bank wise Farmer Payment Statements, Farmer Ledger Statements